Homeschool Spot is here to share free and low cost educational resources for homeschoolers, educators, and anyone who is passionate about learning.

I am a homeschooling mom on a tight budget and I have been passionate about finding great free resources since I started homeschooling over 9 years ago.

Homeschoolers, educators, students and lifelong learners will find these resources beneficial in the pursuit of their educational goals.

Pulse of the Planet: Exploring the World Through Sound

Each weekday, the Pulse of the Planet radio series provides its listeners with a two-minute sound portrait of Planet Earth, tracking the rhythms of nature, culture and science worldwide, blending interviews with extraordinary natural sound.

In addition to the weekday radio series, Pulse of the Planet also has a monthly featured story, the Pulse Pick which covers issues in the news, behind the scenes on the blog, and free lesson plans & audio downloads for educators.

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Free Child Safety Kit from the Polly Klaas Foundation

24 pages of guidance for parents.  Teach abduction prevention without scaring your child (or yourself).  Includes two Fingerprint/DNA ID Documents to record your child's personal information—all in the privacy of your home.

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Ambleside Online: A Complete K-12 Curriculum

Ambleside Online is a free homeschool curriculum designed to be as close as possible to the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in her own private and correspondence schools. Our goal is to be true to Charlotte Mason's high literary standards. Ambleside Online uses the highest quality books and costs no more than the cost of texts. The curriculum uses as many free online books as possible, and there is no cost to use this information or join the support group.

Ambleside Online is a curriculum guide and booklist designed to follow Charlotte Mason's method of homeschooling. Each year/grade has a list of books to lay out what resources will need to be collected or purchased, and an optional weekly schedule based on a 36-week school year to break the resources into smaller increments to help with pacing the books throughout the year. There is no fee to use the curriculum or website. Parents may use as much or as little of the booklists and schedules as they like. Some families follow it exactly as laid out, most tweak it a little here and there to use books they already have, or because they prefer another resource over the one listed. And some use just the Picture Study, Composer Study, and other similar components.

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Videos & Publications

Browse and order from a variety of HHMI's award-winning publications and videos - ALL FREE!

I own them all and they're all great.

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Affordable Spring 2014 Homeschool Classes Enrolling Now‏ @ CurrClick

It's not too late to sign up for spring semester classes.
Morning, afternoon, and night classes available.
Payment plan options.
Starting as low as $20!
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Einstein's Messengers: LIGO {watch online}

My daughter and I recently watched Einstein's Messengers on DVD. After watching, I did an Internet search for more information and found their website where you can watch the same video for free, online, as well as lots of other great information for further exploration of the topic.

  • Who are the people involved? 
  • What scientific theories are at work? 
  • How do scientists meet the challenge of measuring a signal that has never been detected? 

Einstein's Messengers explores these questions as it documents the unfolding story of LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory

LIGO searches for the ripples of space-time called gravitational waves. Albert Einstein first predicted these waves in his 1916 general theory of relativity, but for years their effects were regarded as too small to measure. LIGO, supported by the National Science Foundation, now participates in an international quest to uncover the messages that gravitational waves will bring from highly energetic distant events. These messages may revolutionize our understanding of black holes, neutron stars and the processes that formed the universe.


  • LIGO Overview 
  • Connections to Science Standards 
  • Student Study Guide and Teachers' Guide 
  • Classroom Activities 
  • Additional Resources 
  • Watch Einstein's Messengers on the Web 

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Take a Virtual Tour of Colonial Williamsburg‏

From 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg, Va., was the political, social, and cultural capital of Great Britain's largest colony in North America. It was also the place where many of America's earliest founding fathers debated the ideals of liberty, independence, and freedom, including such notable residents as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Mason.

Welcome to Tour the Town, an interactive tour of the Colonial Williamsburg experience to use on your computer, tablet, or on most smartphones. Use Tour the Town to explore The Revolutionary City and to see Colonial Williamsburg's modern properties.

This virtual field trip is extensive and really well done.  There are numerous rabbit trails to explore.

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I Link Up With These Homeschooling Blog Hops

CurrClick has really affordable curriculum and classes to supplement your homeschool.